Egg Muffins
4 Bacon Egg and Cheese egg muffins $7.99

125 cal/1c/8f/11p each

Baked Oatmeal
Chocolate Chip Banana Baked Oatmeal  $3.49

262 cal/37c/8f/13p

Berry Mint Parfait
Plain greek yogurt topped with fresh berries, fresh mint and honey drizzle $3.00

120 cal/19c/0f/12p

GF Protein Waffles
House-made waffle with homemade turkey sausage and fruit compote   $7.49

385 cal/37c/15f/29p


Turkey Club Sammie
Classic turkey club- including BACON- with a healthier twist    $6.49

296 cal/13 C/ 15 F/ 28 P

Cuban Sammie
All natural uncured ham, swiss cheese, dill pickle with mustard on a Joseph's pita   $6.49
246 cal/15c/11f/27p

Veggie Hummus
Spinach, hummus, white cheddar, carrots and pickled onions on a Joseph's pita    $6.49
252 cal/ 17c/14f/20.5p

Chicken Salad Sammie
Homemade chicken salad, roma tomatoes, spinach on a Joseph's pita   $6.49
320 cal/15c/21f/32p



Greek Turkey Burgers
seasoned lean turkey burgers with quinoa tabouli, fire roasted veggies and tzatziki
4 oz: 365 cal/37c/15f/31p  $9.99

6 oz: 485 cal/32c/21f/44p $11.99

BBQ Chicken
Shredded, dry rubbed chicken breast in a sweet potato with sauteed green beans and homemade BBQ sauce
4 oz: 390 cal/44.5c/6f/23.5p $8.99

6 oz: 547 cal/58c/9f/34.5p $10.99

Pork Enchilada Bowl
Lean pork loin, corn and bean salsa, quinoa with homemade enchilada sauce and white cheddar
4 oz: 394 cal/38c/12.5f/34.5p $8.99

6 oz: 555 cal/56c/16f/50p $10.99

Stuffed Shells
Homemade Italian turkey sausage, spinach and ricotta stuffed shells w/ slow roasted tomato meat sauce and roasted broccoli 
4 oz: 405cal/36c/21f/33p $8.99

6 oz: 580cal/51c/28f/47p $10.99


Pork Tenderloin
Marinated, grilled pork tenderloin, rosemary red potatoes, and honey chile roasted carrots
4 oz: 380 cal/34C/ 8F/35P $9.99

6 oz: 530cal/34C/13F/52P $11.99

Baked Salmon *also low carb
Seasoned fresh salmon with roasted spaghetti squash, grilled asparagus and a lemon dill sauce
4 oz: 385 cal/11C/ 27F/27P $9.99

6 oz: 510cal/15C/34F/40P $11.99

Italian Chicken *also low carb
Italian seasoned all natural chicken breast, roasted Italian vegetable medley with homemade paleo pesto
4 oz: 305 cal/8c/16f/21p $9.99

6 oz: 455 cal/12c/24f/32p $11.99

Chicken Pad Thai
Sauteed Asian marinated chicken over sweet potato noodles with paleo pad thai sauced, crushed almonds and cilantro
4 oz: 360 cal/34.5c/14f/28p $9.99

6 oz: 617 cal/54c/21.5f/41.5p $11.99


Beef Tenderloin
Chili Rubbed Beef Tenderloin with cilantro lime roasted cauliflower, grilled peppers and onions with avocado cream sauce
4 oz: 450cal/12c/29f/34p $11.99

6 oz: 580 cal/12c/34f/50p $14.99


Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed bell pepper w/ quinoa, black beans and corn with roasted salsa, shredded cheddar and jalepenos
340 cal/47c/9f/17p $8.99

Italian Stuffed Shells
Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells w/ fresh slow roasted tomato basil sauce, a sprinkle of shaved parm and roasted broccoli
370 cal/39c/19f/23p $8.99


Tide Me Over
2 oz chicken, grapes, organic baby carrots and a trail mix energy bite
300 cal/30f/10f/15p  $5.49

Trail Mix Energy Bites
Pack of 4: each bite is:
175 cal/20c/9f/5p  $5.49

Sweet Potato GF Muffins
Homemade gluten free muffins topped with cream cheese frosting pack of 3
ea: 105 cal/25c/.5f/2p $4.49


GF Protein Waffle 4 pack
ea: 250cal/25c/10.5f/17p

Marinated Chicken 20 oz
per 4oz: 125cal/0c/3f/22p

Chicken Salad
4 servings:  240cal/4c/18.5f/15.5p

Turkey Breakfast Sausage

8 sausage patties of homemade goodness! ea: 113 cal/1c/4.5f/14p $12.99