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Rachel Brimer

Rachel has a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Nutrition and is a Certified Sport Nutrition Coach. 

She is passionate about educating people with the knowledge she's gained to empower you to take control of your health through nutrition. 


"I was influenced from an early age by my grandmother, who was a dietitian. I would visit her on vacations and during the summer. When she would go to work, she would take me along as her 'helper for the day'. We would cook and meal plan for her clients,  who were residents at a large nursing home. The care she gave her clients was meticulous and so nurturing: like they were her family. 

The interest carried on with me to college, where I earned my degree in health science and nutrition. Recently I have continued my education with a sport nutrition certification. 

Health has always been a priority in my life out of necessity. I have always struggled with weight control, and still battle metabolic issues and insulin resistance due to genetics. Through these issues, I have educated myself and formed proper nutrition habits to  manage my health issues. Embracing nutrition allows me to live a happy, vibrant life. I enjoy this lifestyle, and love sharing it with others. 

Nourishpoint developed organically as more friends reached out for help with their diets.   Nutrition is paramount to our quality of life, yet its a mystery to many. My desire, through Nourishpoint, is to cultivate a community of educated  nutritional enthusiasts by nurturing them like my grandmother did for her clients:  by partnering with individuals and teaching proper nutrition, guiding them step by step to meet their health goals and empowering them with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life."