Nourishpoint is a prepared meal company that offers nutritionally balanced, intentionally portioned, fully prepared meals.

It is our mission elevate the health of Chattanooga by providing healthy, delicious meal options for busy individuals and families. Whether you are gluten free, dairy free, paleo, keto, vegetarian or just looking for a more balanced meal, Nourishpoint has you covered. Our Grab-and-Go storefronts have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options. We also offer pre-order individual meals as well as pre-order family meals.


We have 2 store locations:

1308 Hanover Street in Riverview, and 1819 Broad St in Southside. Both locations offer fully stocked, freshly cooked individual meals can be eaten at the shop or taken with you.

All of our meals are fully cooked so all that is required of you is reheating. Each meal is intentionally crafted by our nutritionist and chef to guarantee a perfectly balanced, high quality meal that delivers all the flavor and nutrition you deserve. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult or bland. Fast food doesn’t have to be nutritionally void and bad for you! Nourishpoint allows you to have the convenience required for your busy life while offering the high quality nutrition you need to perform. We are elevating the health of Chattanooga, one easy, delicious meal at a time!